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Renew Your Old Furniture To Fit Your New,
Distinctive and Exclusive Style...  
Get excited -  have fun!

Residentail & Commercial Work

We work with all professional Interior Designers, for all of their
Intensive  and  Creative  Projects,
Residential  and  Commercial
Licensed & Insured
E-mail us your furniture photos for a fast and convenient  FREE estimate!      No obligations        
It's easy as 1,2,3        
 Email: ayalasupholstery@gmail.com
Custom Bed Comforters!
Pillows, Shames, Bolsters, Lumber, Ball-shape Pillows
Any Type-Shape, Size and Comfort- just call us and ask for more info...

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Reupholstery on Any type of Furniture
Refinishing Furniture/Wood  Custom Stains- ask for more info...
Custom Built Furniture  (any size frames, headboards, booths, tables etc...
Custom Chairs, Vanity Chairs, Ottomans, Stools and Benches. (swivel)
Call for a Free Home or Office, or  in-Shop Consultation
Furniture Repairs- missing pieces replacements
Complete Restoration Services
Kitchen - Cabinet Defacing, Refinishing, Custom booths, breakfast Nooks
Tag Boards (custom sizes) for Home or Office
Custom Headboards, Complete Beds, Foot boards and Rails
Bed Comforters, Shames and Pillows
Slip Covers (custom fitted)
Cushion Refilling, Cushion Re-Stuffing, Cushion Foam Replacements
Foam, Dacron upholstery supplies
Wall Upholstery- Penal Boards
Patio Cushions, Outdoor Bench Cushions (custom)
Patio Furniture, Island and  Grill Covers
Fabrics (Showroom in Shop) a Large Selection- Leathers
Sunbrella > Outdura> Glen Raven> Chris Stone and many  more!
Outdoor Covers>> Any-Type of Furniture.  
TV Plasma  Covers (protective clear plastic covers) Any Size, Any type of Furniture.
Family Ayala's
High-End Quality Custom Upholstery & Refinishing
If you have a question "Please" call us.
Office:   818-887-2053
Deal direct = Save! We will come out to your  Home or Office    for a  Free Estimate!    
No  obligations
We are a Professional Shop       Direct workroom
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Re webbing, Loose Springs, Broken Chairs, Custom Pillows, Ottomans, Table Ottomans, Storage Ottomans,
Upholstery Photos, Strip and Refinishing furniture, Furniture Modifications, Cushions, New Cushions
Covers, Headboards, Complete Custom Beds.
Family Upholstery Business

Durable, Comfortable, Easy to Clean
Resistant for Every Day Use!

We offer the Best & Most Reasonable Prices for Quality ReUpholstery
and American Built Furniture By Ayala and Family.

Fabric Showroom (in-shop) 100's of Beautiful Fabrics,
Silks and Leather , Naugahyde and Vinyls
Large Selection of Materials to Choose From.
Feather Inserts, Goose/Down, Foam, Bonded Faom
Services We Provide: