Furniture Repair

Repairing the furniture you love is a great way to keep your family favorites at home – whether they are your comfy chairs or antique heirlooms, to your large commercial furniture pieces, from corner desks to large wood cabinets. It doesn’t matter the size, everything we see gets our renowned attention to detail. So whether it’s cracked, chipped, torn, or even broken, we can fix it. We can take a look at any piece and make it whole again.

We take dedicated pride and loving care in each piece we repair, and our focus on customer satisfaction is truly embedded in our hearts.  With over 43 years of experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can depend on us for your furniture repairs.

Don’t just take your furniture repair anywhere. With Ayala Upholstery Shop, we can fix almost anything. We work on items large and small, from beds to ottomans, and from armoires to cabinets.